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Our Mission

To build lasting relationships with our clientele based upon excellence, integrity, and exceeding their expectations. We believe the best way to build a base of clients who know and appreciate quality is through referral, not advertising. We want your friends, neighbors, and relatives who have had the Eagle Designs experience to tell you about us. You are the best advertising program we could ever have.

Staff Experience

Our designers have been servicing and designing exceptional products for clients in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area for the last 25 years, and most of our production personnel have decades of experience in cabinetry, fine woodworking, and furniture construction.

Our Design Philosophy

#1. Listen, ask exploratory questions, and help you and us discover "your" tastes and styles. We should never be telling you what we like and then try to fit you into our style of tastes.

Business Exterior

#2. We are committed to using our design experience, talents, and knowledge of construction to help you use the available space in the most functional and beautiful way.

#3. We will endeavor to design your dream and keep you within your budget by explaining your design options, construction styles, and amenity options — and the costs associated with each — so that you may choose to spend your dollars on the items, places, and details you feel are most important.


Since the product we build for our clients is often a culmination of their dreams and intended to be a lifetime product, we are committed to building only the highest quality custom cabinetry and furniture using the finest materials, hardware, and finishes available.

Environmental Responsibility

We only offer and use products that come from suppliers whose production methods meet today's environmental concerns, have certifiable controlled waste, and are managed to meet tomorrow's sustainable needs. At Eagle Designs, we are dedicated to a "minimum impact policy" and currently recycle 97% of our own waste.


We are committed to the philosophy of giving back to our community.